Your body is subjected to different types of strain everyday.  These can result from the way you sit, working at a computer, from standing for long periods, from repetitive strain, over working, under resting or from injury or illness.  Your body absorbs all these strains and works silently to correct these but sometimes things can become overloaded or go wrong, resulting in pain, discomfort, stiffness or immobility.  Osteopaths assess your body’s structure and function before creating a treatment plan that is individual to you.

There is no single protocol that is applied to each patient or injury, instead patients receive a personalised treatment plan consisting of palpation, gentle manipulations, stretching and various massage techniques to help increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, enhance blood supply to tissues, reduce pain and discomfort and help aid your body’s own healing mechanisms.  Your treatment is also enhanced with aftercare advice which can include exercises, hydrotherapy, dietary recommendations and postural advice.


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