Simpy superb!

I was highly recommended to Kimberley by a few fellow runners when I had an Achilles issue. Kimberley took the time to listen, ask questions to help diagnose the cause and then work with me to solve the issue. She’s kindly taken the time to provide relevant stretches to help aid the recovery, allowing me to continue my training. I’ve seen numerous sports therapists over the years but have to say, Kimberley has been by far the best.

I now see Kimberley purely to help maintain my legs as I run and cycle regularly. I would highly recommend Kimberley, very professional indeed!!

Ian, Hastings


I first came to see Kimberley in 2009 having been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in 2006.  I was at the time wearing very expensive inserts which masked the pain but did not cure the condition.  My ability to carry on an active lifestyle was severely hampered.  Kimberley immediately put me at ease with her professionalism and knowledge.  She said that she could cure the condition and also provide a regime to prevent reoccurrence. Much as I wanted to believe her, having had the condition for 3 years I was concerned it was something that would be with me forever!

After the first few treatments the improvements were incredible and before long there was no further pain.  With Kimberley’s advice and occasional maintenance massages I have been able to resume an active lifestyle and regularly undertake long distance bike rides which would have been unthinkable previously

Nick Taylor, Battle


I have been having sports massage from Kim for over four years now. Over the period time my performances have improved with my body being in greater shape. Kim has helped prevent injuries and also cure problems.

I will always carry on with having treatments every three to four weeks to continue help my performances in golf.

Paul Nessling, PGA Professional


I first went to Kim with a bad shoulder and recurring back problem. Kim took time to discuss in detail things that aggravated my shoulder and back, as well as my general health and life style. The treatment on both helped from day one. Having decided to continue with regular treatment both have improved beyond my expectations and now the shoulder rarely troubles me at all.

However, Kim’s real talent came to the forefront with my ankle. I had a particularly nasty fracture of tibia and fibula, splintering both bones over about two inches and close above the ankle joint. This meant that the injury couldn’t be pinned or plated. I spent a month in traction, almost a year in plaster and more time non weight bearing. I received a number of treatments for the on-going pain but none particularly helped. Eventually it was a case of ‘getting on with my life’. The fracture site has remained painful to touch. Kim suggested she might be able to help the mobility and circulation to the foot. This was now a number of years after the accident. Her attitude, patience and empathy was brilliant. I always felt that I was ‘in control’ and was never asked to do something I wasn’t completely comfortable with.

The results have been remarkable. The mobility of the joint has improved, the circulation improved and there are times when I don’t need the strapping on my ankle. I wouldn’t dream of not continuing the treatments with Kim every month.

Di, Guestling