Emotional freedom techniques

EFT is used to help people to shift any unwanted emotions, physical problems and limiting beliefs that they may hold, so that they can feel free.

EFT can help you find your power again whether it has been lost through illness or through emotions. EFT will help you to heal your emotions and therefore your mind and body. By releasing this fear, we allow more freedom and space to enjoy our life to the full.

Emotional Freedom Technique is not like counselling and therefore Susan does not need to know anything if you don’t want to discuss it. The sessions are completely confidential.

Susan specialises in Post- Traumatic Stress including birth trauma and how our first emotional experiences can lead us to have our perceptions about the world we live in. She also however, can work with you around creating more success in your life or business. You may want to give up smoking or an addiction to food or even create your perfect size.

Susan works with serious illness such as Cancer and the trauma concerned with receiving the news of such an illness. It is not a cure, it is creating a place of empowerment and therefore healing. Susan works with skin conditions knowing that they arise from fear of loss and separation.

Susan uses her unique ability to connect with your higher consciousness and exactly what you need to heal. She uses all her techniques to facilitate that.


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